Diamond Studio

Contortionist, handbalancind, actress, or model, Heejin Diamond is a polymorphous artist.

International contorsionist, multi-medalist, creative and inventive, Heejin is today the French reference of this demanding art.

While she continues to perform on all the stages of the world, she has now decided to transmit her technical knowledge, which she learned in the demanding and perfectionist training of acrobatics in Mongolia, the country where she comes from.

Heejin welcomes circus artists or dancers for individualized coaching and personalized training.

The Studio

Calm and comfortable place, conducive to training and creation, the Diamond Studio is an elegant and refined haven designed by Sigrid La Chapelle inspired by the personality of the artist and the history of this ancient district. industrial.

The materials recall the austerity of the landscapes of Mongolia and the fantasy of the Parisian popular spirit, to create an atypical place, between the sparkling spirit of the music hall and the rigor of the circus.