The Snow Queen

When virtuosity meets sensuality it is the hatching of a unique show of balance and contortion.

For this act, the designer and director Sigrid La Chapelle was inspired by the personality and roots of the artist.

Two big names accompany him in this project.

Composer Pascal Lengagne creates an original music reflecting the silent and wild expanses of Mongolia while stylist Jeff Castaing dresses the artist with the epic of a snowflake.

The Snow Queen is a journey to the center of the snowy steppes to discover an ice jewelery, a queen named Heejin.


Black Jack

Sensuality and virtuosity command and permeate this captivating act, freely inspired by the crazy gambling halls of the roaring twenties, at a time when prohibition was raging.

Heejin Diamond imposes his charisma and mastery of balance, between James Bond feline girl and languid Mata Hari.

Real emotional hold-up, this amazing show combines staging breathtaking and virtuosity and blow the bank!


Diamond Sisters (Opus 1)

In this first opus, Sigrid La Chapelle and Heejin Diamond were inspired by the work of the surrealists Réné Laloux and Roland Topor to create a choreography based on traditional Mongolian techniques of the contortion duo. The fabrics of the costumes were printed for this creation. . They take back some details of Laloux and Topor’s drawings to make the characters unique.

Almaaz (Opus 2)

With Almaaz, Sigrid La Chapelle decided to go a little further to the strange worlds of Topor and Laloux to go beyond the simple Circassian performance. Heejin Diamond uses her character and charm to immerse herself in a magical universe. Let yourself be transported into this strange constellation where the body forgets its bearings to challenge the laws of gravity.

Red Angel

For this act, Heejin Diamond took the risk of changing the register.
Working more on comedy, Heejin Diamond tells us a story of feminine emancipation and the right to dispose of one’s own body. A poetic metaphor that upsets established order and propriety.
Red Angel est une ode à la liberté féminine.
C’est crazy, c’est sexy et c’est Heejin Diamond.

Interprète et chorégraphe : Heejin Diamond

Conçu et mise en scène par Sigrid La Chapelle

Styliste : Stéphanie Cappellini

Soutien chorégraphique : Cathy Laymet, Scartch Izbak

prize list
-Bronze Medal at the 2010 Monte Carlo Circus Festival
-Gold Medal K’Dor Cabaret 2011
-Special Jury Prize International Circus Festival of Domont 2015
-Prize of the French Circus Club 2015
-Special mention of the jury Festival of Lights of the Ramp 2015
-Special Prize of the press at Budapest International Circus 2016
-Public Prize at the 2016 Ruffec Dream Festival
-Success Prize and Young Talent from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mongolian 2017
-Achille Zavatta Golden Trophy 2018 and 2019 Magic and Circus Stars Festival
-2019 Magic and Circus Stars Festival Jury Prize